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CitriSun Nurseries, LLC is owned and staffed by seasoned agricultural professionals, with experience not just in citrus, but also a broad range of expertise growing other care-intensive nursery crops. This ensures our team can anticipate, identify and defend against not only today's common citrus vectors, but plan against, anticipate and counter, the uncommon, unexpected, and unanticipated perils of tomorrow.
CitriSun Nurseries, LLC was founded with the goal of providing disease and pest free young orange trees to citrus groves throughout Central and Southern Florida. Florida is the world’s second largest orange juice production area (behind Brazil) and is a key supplier of citrus products to both the U.S. and world markets. The Florida citrus industry provides over $9 billion in economic impact to the state, employing over 75,000 people. The citrus industry is the primary business driver in many counties in Central and South Florida.
The re-emergence of citrus canker in Florida in 1995 and the arrival of citrus greening in 2005, substantially impacted the availability of budwood and nursery trees in the state. By late summer 2005, it is estimated that 62% of citrus nursery trees in Florida were eradicated after exposure to citrus canker. The presence of these two diseases forced the implementation of new greenhouse requirements and practices, eliminating field growing of nursery trees, substantially raising the entry costs for growing nursery trees, stifling investment in replacement nursery stocks. These higher barrier costs, along with a continuing need for nursery trees, provides an unique opportunity for companies in the citrus industry, like CitriSun, who have the financial means, agricultural acumen and business experience necessary to meet a consistent and growing demand for disease and pest free nursery trees.​
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