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Unrivaled Quality

When the next decision comes on purchasing nursery stock for resets or your new grove, remember these important reasons 


CitriSun Nurseries, LLC

Unrivaled Quality

CitriSun is committed to providing the healthiest, hardiest citrus tree in the marketplace. With today’s dangerous field vectors, it is crucially important to start your plantings off right by putting in ground the most resilient and robust trees possible.



CitriSun partners with New Varieties Development & Management Corporation (NVDMC), Florida Foundation Seed Producers (FFSP) and other research entities to test and speedily bring to market the newest and most innovative cultivars in the industry. The next breakthrough hybrid will be a hot commodity: make sure you partner with a supplier who has established license agreements to distribute that next winner.


Facility Investment

CitriSun has and continues to invest heavily in the latest technology and techniques to combat the full range of biologic vectors. Whether it’s micro-screening, positive-air-pressure entry ways, or eucalyptus barriers, CitriSun invests heavily to ensure the most hygenic and disease free facility possible.


Agricultural Acumen

CitriSun ownership and staff have years of experience in citrus as well as general agriculture, and undergo an extensive ongoing training regimen, so that we can handle not only the current threats of today, but the emerging dangers of tomorrow.


Exceptional Service

Our CitriSun staff works with you on an ongoing basis, from planning, throughout our own growing cycle, right through to delivery, to ensure you get the trees you need, when you expect them.


Did We Mention Quality?

CitriSun’s product grade is exceptional. What other nurseries consider ‘A’ grade, wouldn’t make it off our bench: WE won’t ship what WE wouldn’t plant.


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